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Brandywine Counseling & Community Services saves lives.  We help our clients through the substance abuse and behavioral health challenges that they are facing, and help them stabilize their life and provide the support necessary for a successful future. 

BCCS also focuses on co-occurring disorders.  The term co-occurring disorders refers to an individual having one or more substance abuse disorders and one or more psychiatric disorders at the same time.  It is important to know if co-occurring disorders exist because each disorder can cause symptoms of the other disorder, leading to slow recovery and a diminished quality of life.  Treating the whole person is how BCCS helps its clients and makes a positive impact in their lives.

Trauma-Informed System of Care
BCCS recognizes that anyone can experience trauma – including people we serve, our staff and anyone we encounter while conducting business. In accordance with the BCCS mission, we are committed to being a trauma-informed organization. This means a commitment to educating our staff about the effects and difficulties of psychological trauma, as well as offering an environment that is sensitive to, and facilitates, recovery from trauma.

Increasing Access and Retention
At BCCS, we use the NIATx™ process improvement system to remove barriers to treatment and recovery. This helps us meet the needs of our clients with substance use and/or mental health issues by involving them directly, getting their reaction and advice about improvements, and preparing them for anticipated changes.


BCCS offers several programs to address behavioral health issues for Delaware adults and adolescents.

Lancaster & Newark
Infectious Disease Clinic
DOSE - Delaware Overdose Survival Education


Brandywine Counseling and Community Services has created Project RISE to give you access to a statewide support program for at-risk adolescents.  Project RISE is a comprehensive multi-intervention program that aims to improve the overall health and wellbeing of adolescents and their caregivers throughout the State of Delaware. RISE is an acronym for Resiliency, Independence, Success, and Empowerment.

The RISE program also provides support services to the caregivers of the adolescents served in our program. RISE accepts referrals in New Castle and Kent Counties and offers Intensive Outpatient Community Integrated services, Part Day Treatment, and Full Day Treatment services to youth. 


  • Outpatient services
  • Assessments for all levels of care
  • Family integrated services
  • Community based intensive outpatient services
  • Part day treatment
  • Full day treatment

BCCS’s RISE program has two locations.  For more information about RISE call  (302) 504-5920 (New Castle County.)  For Kent County, call (302) 346-5080.

For RISE hours, click here.  Click here to view our RISE brochure.

The Statewide Coalition of Coalitions, a project through BCCS's SPF-SIG grant, held a PSA camp where four 30-second, youth-driven PSAs were created by seventeen adolescents, BCCS staff and C.A.U.S.E.  Please click here to view the PSAs.


BCCS's Alpha Program offers professionally administered outpatient and intensive outpatient behavioral health counseling. This comprehensive program is available to Delaware residents 18 years and older who are uninsured, or whose health insurance does not cover treatment.

For more information about the Alpha and Anchor program, call (302) 472-0381.  For Alpha and Anchor Center office hours, click here.

Growing to meet the complex behavioral healthcare needs of our community, BCCS now offers professional services for adults who are experiencing mental health issues. Some of the services provided are short-term counseling and treatment for concerns such as, but not limited to, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), substance abuse, and eating disorders. This group of services is known as our Anchor Program.

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Lancaster & Newark

BCCS’s Lancaster and Newark locations offer both mental health services and medication program assisted treatment services for substance abuse that promote healthy lifestyles for our clients, their families, and the community by utilizing a variety of client-centered approaches. 

These services provide a higher level of care that helps customers set and work toward their goals for recovery. They attend group therapy for three hours, three days a week, and also have increased individual counseling. BCCS staff selects appropriate candidates for the program based on consistent attendance, effort in previous treatment programs, medical approval, and compliance with other agency requirements.  For more information about our programs at the Lancaster site, call (302) 656-2348.  For Newark, call (302) 454-3020.  For Lancaster and Newark office hours, click here For intake information, click here.

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BCCS's Milford (formerly Georgetown) location provides treatment and behavioral health outpatient services. Milford offers our customers individual counseling for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, as well as group counseling. Milford groups consist of: Substance Abuse and MH Education, Co-occurring Disorders, Relapse Prevention, Women's Group and Men's Group. Click here for Milford hours.

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Infectious Disease Clinic

A combination of medication delivery and symptom-monitoring care, the clinic provides comprehensive, readily available, high-quality medical services designed to achieve healthy outcomes. In partnership with Christiana Care Health System, the clinic also provides primary medical care to HIV positive customers, preventive primary medical care to those at risk of HIV, but not HIV positive, and prevention counseling.

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DOSE - Delaware Overdose Survival Education

DOSE logo

DOSE is a program designed for anyone who wants to help opiate users (including themselves) avoid and survive an overdose:

  • Participants complete a one-hour training workshop which will be offered at different locations Statewide.
  • Anyone completing the workshop will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used as proof that the person has been trained by a DHSS approved training program.

To acquire the certificate of completion, you must complete the DOSE course with a DHSS approved provider. With the certificate of completion, you can begin a conversation with your doctor about Naloxone and its benefits.

Contact BCCS for the dates/times of DOSE workshops 302-504-5920.

LINK to article from News Journal about BCCS DOSE program

BCCS’ DOSE Program continues to save lives – read more about it on NPR

Ocean View Police Department hosting DOSE workshop

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Need a presentation for your community on Treatment?

BCCS Prevention and Education Department will tailor any presentation to meet the needs of your community. We will provide accurate, useful information surrounding a broad range of topics, as they relate to substance use/abuse, and/or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Please contact Nikole Papas at 302-504-5930 for more information.

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Last updated March 17, 2016

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