The BCCS Syringe Exchange Program has been renamed!

Now known as the BCCS Syringe Services Program (SSP), it continues as a community-based program that serves those caught in the cycle of addiction by helping them avoid sharing needles and keeping them and the ones they love healthier and free of HIV, Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.

Same Program, Different Name - Syringe Services Program

SSP meets customers without judgment and helps them explore viable options for lessening their exposure to disease. Through the program, BCCS meets people ‘where they’re at’ to help them take a responsible first step in breaking the cycle of addiction. The program saves lives (and saves health care dollars) by providing:

  • Short- and long-term health-preserving education
  • Counseling and referrals to drug treatment
  • HIV, Hepatitis C and pregnancy testing, and referrals for services and treatment
  • Referrals to resources that will help them maintain their new, healthier behavior
  • The safe collection and disposal of used needles and syringes

Studies show that SSPs are a bridge to drug use treatment and recovery, and can reduce needle-sharing HIV infection by 30-70%. Studies have also shown that SSPs make neighborhoods healthier and safer by offering comprehensive social services to community members.

The name may be slightly different but the impact on the community won’t change. SSP exchanges risk for better health.

We are here to answer your questions about the Syringe Services Program, or any other BCCS community service offering.

Thank you.

Dr. Lynn M. Fahey, Chief Executive Officer

Event Date: 
Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - 16:15

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